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Friday, November 11, 2011


Well......sort of.

More complete than it has been while sitting on my dining room table for the past few days.

Who would have thought that sewing three parts of fabric together would be so FREAKING HARD?!?!?  Ok, not altogether HARD, persay.  It is very difficult to get an inset to be the right size and lined up correctly.  Otherwise, you end up with one side sewn right under your chin, and your boob hanging out on the other side.  Seriously.  I'm just sayin'.


After I got everything lined up right, I learned a brand new term (for me) - understitching.  I was REALLY nervous about sewing the lining to the seam allowance, especially with as much work as I put into getting everything just right.  As soon as I looked at the seam after I sewed it, I understood.  Looks really nice!  Wanna know what it is?  Google it.

Fortunately, I have some help coming tomorrow.  Nicole will again be joining me.  Maybe we can finish the dress????????

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